Operation Analysis and Budget Control Specialist

Highest Formal Education



Bachelor and above, major in Finance and Accounting



Work Experience

2 years

Type of Employment


Job Responsibilities

  • Specialist
  • Establish and improve the company's comprehensive budget management system, for the company to implement modern management, to provide the necessary means
  • Organize the company's annual comprehensive budget, rolling forecast for long-term planning, to provide effective financial basis for the development of business objectives
  • Prepare monthly rolling forecast according to the budget approved by the company, and provide financial support for the realization of business objectives.
  • Organize the preparation of all kinds of effective operation analysis report, provide financial information for the company management decision-making level and investors
  • To organize the establishment of product profitability analysis system, timely and correctly reflect the profitability of products, to provide financial basis for product decision-making
  • Participate in the preparation, manufacturing system and other department cost target analysis and setting, control and report of the company's department expense budget.
  • Male or female, under 35 years old
  • Language Require Bahasa Indonesia and English(preferred if also good in Mandarin)
  • At least 3 years working experience in Automotive Industry/Financial Company.
  • Good knowledge of Enterprise accounting standards, cost accounting, financial management, internal control, plant operations, target management, lean production 
  • Good command of financial analysis, budget control and operation skills 
  • Be familiar with the business process and operation mode of sales, manufacturing, purchasing, and be able to make a reasonable budget and audit 
  • Be familiar with the influence of the operation mode and the production plan of the company on the structural cost 
  • Familiar with economic law and tax law and other relevant legal knowledge, to support the general procurement contract review 
  • Accounting management, financial management planning ability 
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills and good coordination skills 
  • Familiar with the financial, fiscal, taxation, banking, insurance, economic contract and other relevant laws and regulations, to master the knowledge of international accounting field 
  • Have the good discipline, teamwork and innovation spirit, a strong sense of responsibility, attitude is rigorous, the work is earnest, strong problem solving, interpersonal communication and coordination ability
  • Report to Operation Analysis and Budget Control Manager

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